Things To Love About The New IOS 8.1

If you're an i-phone user, you must love the way the Apple Company has ever tried to provide the most useful features for your own users. Only a couple of months back, they announced still another upgrade to the iOS, that will be predicted in the future with very interesting refinements and improvements. That means you have to be wondering if it's now easier perhaps to download many software such as for instance a cell phones spy app.

What is New at I-OS 8.1?

After Apple announced that they'll soon be releasing the updated i-OS 8.1, users looked into presenting several new cool features and bug fixes. {For one, the upgrade paved the way for the possibility of using Apple Pay. The update also activated the iCloud Photo Library, as well as the new Continuity Features. Listed below are some of the other minor changes that came with all the iOS update:

Continuity -- using all the Os-x Yosemite and the I-OS 8.1, certain Continuity attributes were activated, especially the Instant Hot Spot and SMS Forwarding.

Siri -- that the brand new i-OS also comprises Siri, which currently has the ability to start credit cards and bank cards, but only for use with Apple Pay.

Camera Roll -- another intriguing feature of the i-OS 8.1 is the accessibility 'once more' of the Camera Roll Featurethat was once removed by Apple. This feature allows for the screening of all the photos taken together with the iPhone.

Other Cool Features of I-OS 8

One feature that is apparently loved by most iPhone users would be the ability of this i-OS to send the device's last known location before the battery expires. Why does it matter? But in the event that you ever lose your iPhone, the very last thing you want is really for its own battery to drain since this will keep you from detecting its own location. The new iOS, however, can find the last location of this phone and contain the data for twenty four hours, giving you additional time to discover your lost phone.

Still another amazing improvement may be your Shazam integration. From the new i-OS, Siri can identify exactly what song is playing. You may ask her what song is now playing, and she'll use Shazam to ascertain what music it's.

If you love shopping on the web using your telephone, then you will certainly adore the credit card scanning convenience of the brand new iOS. You just need to use the cam to automatically scan your credit card number, and therefore you never need to manually enter the amounts.

If you don't think the i-OS upgrade gives you the freedom to decide on which apps or apps you would like to use, jail breaking your own iPhone can be your sole option. Using this method, you may even perform remote cell phone spying using Auto Forward.You may then begin to love the powerful monitoring features with this cell phone spy software.

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